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Who We Are?

Parity is a social finance enterprise that aims to evolve the existing education funding model in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) through the introduction of an innovative offering that fosters equality and better accessibility for prospective students.


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Our Income Share Agreements

What is an Income Share Agreement?

An income share agreement is a financial structure in which an individual or organization provides something of value to a recipient who in exchange agrees to pay back a percentage of their income for a fixed number of years.

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Payment Terms

Only pay when you get employed & stop paying if you stopped working.


We don't judge your application by how much you can put at risk.


Through repaying, you will contribute in financing education for more talented people like yourself.

Are You Eligible?


Applicant must be a Lebanese citizen


Aplicant must demonstrate financial needs


Applicant must be enrolled or accepted at a top university


Applicant must demonstrate strong academic performance


Applicant must demonstrate great leadership skills


Applicant must be pursuing an accredited degree


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Scholars said about us.

Thanks to Parity Finance, I was able to fund my tuition and pursue my dream career. Not only do they fill the financing gap, they also helped me find top class employers!

Obtaining an ISA from Parity Finance was definitely life changing.

Elie Haddad


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